Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Few Quick Things!

But first off:

You know when you say "Well, my mother has no reason to give me The Talk since I don't have a boyfriend" right when the cutie-patootie barista walks past? Yeah. And you know when it's the same barista who thought you were crying that one time? Well, he now either thinks I a) was trying to make it abundantly clear to him I am available, b) am crazy, or c) all of the above.

So, hi guys! Hope everyone had a nice Easter! Just a few quick things before I dive into the murky depths of studying for the next couple of weeks. BRING ON THE FIRST OF MAY, and not just because it is the birthday of several people close to me, but because I WILL BE FREE. Here is my study schedule, which is pinned to the notice board above my desk, and therefore looms over me like some jauntily-coloured spectre of failure:

This morning when I pinned it up, it replaced this, which is the product of late-night procrastination:

Because he's rather winsome.

Also, since I'm posting pictures, I'd just like to make you all jealous with this one:

This is a Cold Stone from 3 Steps to Heaven, which is a place you must go if you're ever in the West End, and you know I mean this because I generally hold the place in dire contempt. I enjoyed this with two friends on a blistering hot day when temperatures rose (actually, technically, plummeted, since it had been warmer the  day before) to 21 degrees CELSIUS! Two days later we had snow. The weather goddess here is clearly a hormonal teenager with a douchebag for a boyfriend, parents who eat pâté and should be defenestrated, and hardcore frenemies all named Heather.

So, last Tuesday I went with the other two thirds to the cinema to see....... *drum roll* ....... THE HUNGER GAMES. Need I say it was epic, amazing, harrowing, brutal, heartbreaking, beautiful, poignant, and completely squeal worthy? In short, I loved it. Big time. But I have way too much to say about it to fit into a quick-flit blogpost... which brings me to my next point...

I don't know if this will be of any interest to anyone besides my life-documenting-and-analysing-but-completely-sane-and-charming self, but in the near future (read: when exams are over) I'm going to add a couple of pages up there at the top *points* entitled respectively BOOKS 2012 & FILMS 2012. When you click on these you will see alternately: a list of books I have read or will read this year along with a mini-review and if I can be bothered a link to a longer review posted elsewhere; and then the same things for films I watch this year WITH COLOURFUL POSTERS. Which is totally not a ploy to keep an internet nomad interested. I'm doing it because I personally love hearing other people's perspectives on things, and this is my way of contributing without bloating up individual posts. Discussions and recommendations would be wonderful bonuses! 

In other news I have officially made it 40 days and 40 nights without Coke. I am, as Rayanne Graff says, squeaky clean like a rubber ducky O:).

I wish you rainbows and happiness over the next 3 weeks, and I'll see you on the other side!